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Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

These times are challenging, but at Paul’s Transport we are full wheels in motion and trucking through this unprecedented economic shift. We have implemented and continue to promote all recommendations by Health Canada to protect our drivers, employees, customers and all our partners. Furthermore, we are operating under our business continuity plan to ensure we are ready for any sudden changes and can continue to move forward with the service levels we have all come to expect from Paul’s Transport.

Operational Continuity Plan:

  • Equipped all Employees with necessary tools to work from home. We recently moved our infrastructure to the cloud and have been able to smoothly transition to this new working environment.
  • Ensured all ports of communication are fully operational and functioning. Emails, phone calls and faxes are still being received in real-time and managed by our dedicated team.
  • Worked with our partners to ensure our continuity plans are aligned to provide the safest environment for all involved.
  • Identified all critical business processes and ensured they will remain effective and functional.
  • Communicated all operational changes and Paul’s Transport’s safety measures related to COVID-19 to all vendors, customers and critical supply chain partners.
  • Continually updating critical partners about any changes to protocols.

Driver & Employee Best Practices:

  • Our office is cleaned twice a day, and highly touched surfaces are wiped down throughout the day.
  • We have instructed all employees to maintain 6ft of physical distance, reorganized desks in the office and initiated work from home for many departments to ensure this is strictly followed.
  • All drivers are equipped with masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and sanitization wipes. Drivers do not share vehicles and the fleet has been trained in proper PPE protocols.
  • We have advised all employees to wash hands frequently with proper hand washing techniques under warm water for 20 seconds. Also, to avoid touching their face with unwashed hands.
  • The office has multiple hand sanitizing stations available, and all staff and drivers have been advised where these are located.
  • Disposable sanitization wipes are available throughout the office for employees to use for their workstations.
  • All customer and guest visits are managed through video conference or emails. No visitors are allowed on-site.
  • All staff and drivers have been instructed to stay home if they feel ill, and if they or any family member have travelled, they must work from home for a minimum of 14-days.

Proof of Delivery Changes:

On April 8th, 2020

We advised all our critical supply chain partners about changes to the treatment of paperwork like PODs that are often exchanged between our drivers and the staff at our supply chains. Our drivers and supply chain partners are all on the frontlines of this virus, and we need to include additional measures to mitigate the risk of exposure.

To facilitate this change, we have instructed all drivers to follow the below procedures:

  • Do not accept signatures from any shippers or consignees on any paperwork.
  • Drivers will verbally request the name of the authorized signing party, and they will write this name on the paperwork.
  • Driver will take a picture of every container delivered, with the container number visible in the picture.

We understand that signatures are a control many of you may use to validate information, however we are asking you to work with our drivers to ensure everyone stays as safe as possible.

Paul’s transport has invested into sophisticated technology that allows us to embed the latitude and longitude of the driver’s location along with the container number into the picture taken by the driver. There is a link that will direct you to a google map image of that exact location. This document can be requested at any time if there are any uncertainties or discrepancies in your delivery. Please email to request this document, or anyone at Paul’s Transport you normally work with.

POD Terms & Conditions – Click Here for our terms and conditions

Below is an example of the document we have available.

Click to open in google maps

Dash Cameras:

Paul’s Transport has recently installed dash cameras on every truck. We have the capabilities of retrieving footage of any trip indefinitely and use this as a tool to maintain our impeccable safety rating. As things have changed drastically with COVID-19 and our elimination of signed PODS, we can provide you with this footage if there is ever a dispute with your delivery. The footage consists of staggered pictures taken in 5-minute intervals, and when played, would show you the overall trip of your container. Please email if you have any concerns with your deliveries.

Image of our Dash Cam – Action shot.