Quebec container drayage

Our expansion into Quebec was a natural fit for us and our steamship customer base

As one of the busiest trucking lanes in North America, we’re excited to participate in the transport of sea containers (mostly 20’ and 40’) between the Montreal port and the GTA. Dry goods are the primary cargo although we do have Genset chassis for the transport of refrigerated cargo.

Increasing supply chain efficiency between major North American ports

We have long-standing relationships with the major steamship lines and transport both import and export cargo to and from the Atlantic seaboard port. Because we are also serving USA ports in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia, we can create added efficiency and asset management by utilizing a traditional triangle activity grid between the GTA, Montreal and USA ports. A benefit to us and our customers to increase supply chain efficiency.

We utilize our assets and a proven owner-operator network

By combining our asset and owner-operator fleet we offer our customers added control and added capacity to cover seasonal surges and immediate requirements. Meeting deadlines are a normal part of our everyday operations. Our team of skilled drivers and support staff go above and beyond to ensure commitments are met. We keep our customers in the loop by investing in the communications equipment and technology required to allow customers real-time access to critical shipment data. This includes: