Transportation technology – EDI

EDI is the trend with larger organizations

A high percentage of our customers prefer to establish electronic data interchange (EDI) as their first line of communication with our company. We currently work with 204 In, 210 Out, 214 Out, 214 X6 Out, and 990 Out.

The higher the volume of transactions the more sense EDI makes

Investing in EDI is not for the casual customer relationship but if you have a high volume of transactions the benefits are numerous:

  • Improves transaction speed and reduces money spent on manual processes
  • Additional cost savings come from reduced paper, printing, reproduction, storage, filing, postage and document retrieval Improves the quality of data, creating a significant reduction in errors from poor handwriting and lost written communications
  • Improve business partner relationships and overall transaction times
  • Increase cash flow and inventory management capabilities
  • Faster decision-making is possible which creates improved reaction times within your supply chain

Our technology support staff would be pleased to offer additional details and set up a discussion to investigate streamlining communications through EDI.